Please see our objects which are wide and deliberately so. Below we attempt to set out some guidance on them.

It is exceptionally rare for us to make a donation of more than £15,000.

Approx one third of our annual income is distributed by making "high" donations of £7,500-15,000. Approx one third is distributed by making "medium" donations in the range of £4,000-6,000. The remaining income is paid out in "small" donations which can vary between £100 and £2,000 but are normally £2,000.

Whether a recipient receives a high, medium or small donation we give no guarantee whatsoever that recipient will receive further donations from us in future years.

A list of the charities that we have recently resolved to support is available here. This is shown to give potential applicants a flavour of the type of charities we support.

Those charities are a diverse list in the main reflecting Sir Philip's interests and wishes whilst he was alive. Except for the penultimate paragraph of this section we are unable to give precise guidance on what we will and will not use our discretion to support. Whilst some donees are larger charities our preference is to support smaller charities.

Support is most likely to be given to charities with a connection to:

Unless a connection can be shown to Sir Philip's interests and / or the Payne-Gallwey family it is unlikely we will support:

It is highly unlikely we will support any charity whose policies or activities conflict with the interests of The National Farmers Union or The Country Land Business Group.

We are unable to support organisations (or individuals) who do not have charitable objectives. We will not support charities that in our view are ambivalent about, or actively campaign for the abolition of, field sports.

If, having read the above, you wish to make an application to us please see Making an Application.